Safaricom Environmental Policies

Safaricom Environmental Policies are recently rated as one of the best policies that fight for the conservation of the environment.

Safaricom came and was launched in Kenya in the late 1990’s and well established into strong and firm roots in the early 2000’s.the company was primarily a air selling company with the CEO as Michael Joseph who is now retired. This was a joint venture between Telkom Kenya(60%) and Vodafone UK(40%).

Today like many companies it has grown to a multinational organization that provides diverse and wide range of activities that makes it to venture in all sectors in the market from technological, social, economic and political. On the other hand it has many competitors in the market like Airtel Kenya, Yu, Telkom and Orange companies.

Safaricom Environmental Policies

Safaricom Environmental Policies

Why Safaricom Environmental Policies.

Safaricom Environmental Policies has one the desire to make Kenya to go beyond the destination of becoming world number one most green nation. This has spurred the organization towards eradication of pollution like carbon emission, noise pollution and water pollution.

Company Environmental Policies is one of the organization like Kenya that are green in that they have a logo that is green in color like Kenya Commercial Bank, Amicable tours and travel services. This is mainly done to communicate to the customers and stakeholders that the services and their cost will be green, affordable and efficient. The environmental issues that are in the Safaricom environmental improvement policies, are air and water pollution, waste management, ecosystem management, biodiversity protection, and the protection of natural resources, wildlife and endangered species as well as the relationship between communication and the environment.

This comes shortly after the launching of the global fight against pollution, climatically changes and high death rate.

Ways in which Safaricom Environmental Policies have being applied.

  • Once Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph once said,” We are very excited and glad that our peers have won themselves a worldwide award from the GSM community.” This was one of the Safaricom Environmental Wildlife Policies that was meant to conserve the wildlife in the country in conjunction with the Kenya Wildlife Association and the Us-based Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN).The main purpose of the initiative was to fight the high rate of elephant poaching because of their ivory. Safaricom Environmental Policies also went ahead to promise the human population to continue fight for the conservation of the wildlife. We need to take care of our fauna and flora environment so that we can live in peaceful and amicable co-existence with the environment around us.
  • Nairobi-mobile phone services providers have recently launched another Safaricom Green  Environmental Policies that recycles unused and the damaged mobile accessories and handsets. The project educates the community on the benefit of using mobile phones as well as how to dispose damaged items that may be the cause of pollution whose consequences are both short-term and long-term
  • Another one of the many Safaricom Environmental Job Policies is the employment that they provide to Kenya citizens. It has reduced the number of people who were idle and jobless. Hence improving the economic status of the people who turn to be independent and pay the tax for development purposes.Safaricom Environmental Economic Policies have also gone to the extent of going to the rural area with Face-off with Safaricom live where the local musicians are given a chance to exercise their talents.
  • Safaricom Environmental Conservation Policies has created an office that gives the organization the strategies pertaining environmental measures to take. Karen Basire is the proud head of this department and is well acquainted with matters like environmental audits, Environmental Impact Assessment, Geothermal Environment, water and sanitation, suitable energy development and Environmental Management System.

Concluding remarks on Safaricom Environmental Policies

Safaricom Environmental Economic Policies have being successful through the many Human Resources Product strategies they provide like m-pesa,okoa jahazi,selling computers and their accessories, sambaza and mobile phone services that are green in their efficient and function.

Trust me, we at HomesBeauty.com really love and appreciate the work and the benefits achieved by Safaricom Environmental Policies.