Solar Cookers

Solar Cookers happens to be the greenest methods of preparing and cooking your meals.

Solar cooking is the safest, the safest and the most convenient way of cooking since no fuels or heating up is require in the kitchen compared to the rest of the cooking methods like using pressure cookers, microwaves, gas among many others.

I first saw  solar cooker when I made a visit to Kakuma, a refugee camp in the northern part of Kenya; this was the main source income of the refugees.

I learnt a lot from the camp and consequently I have started using the solar cooker in my home when the weather is hot and dry. This is what I learnt:

Solar Cookers

Solar Cookers

How to make homemade Solar Cookers.

The materials required in the building up a solar cooker/oven are

  • Pizza box
  • Plastic wrap
  • Black construction paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Tape/glue
  • A knife for cutting holes and for making openings.

Here are the steps for making the a homemade Solar Cooker.

  • Cutting the lid

Make a hole on the pizza box as the very first step when building your solar cooker panel. Cut about three edges leaving about one inch on each edge;

to ensure that the lid remains open. Do not remove the lid completely

  • Build the solar reflector of the solar cooker.

To ensure that the lid stands firmly on its own, fold it. To ensure that this is done perfectly use the glue or the tape it heavily.

Then completely cover the inside of the lid with the aluminum foil and also tape it with glue. The main function of the aluminum foil is to reflect the sunlight rays and direct them towards the solar cooker hence the process of cooking taking place.

  • Making of the window

Take the plastic wrap you have and make a window over the hole in the pizza box. Make sure that you can see through the hole on the pizza box and then put the plastic wrap on it and tape it completely.

  • Heating things up in the solar cooker.

Line the aluminum foil inside the box and cover it with the black construction paper. This is done in order to order it absorb the heat that is produced in the pizza box.

  • solar cooker construction.

This is the very last step.You can now take your solar cooker panel to the outside where there is a sunny spot and open the lid.

Adjust the opening and add food stuffs on solar cooker and leave them to cook as a way of testing the cooker.

Advantages of using the Solar Cookers over other cookers.

Use of solar cooker is both user and environmental friendly.

  • A Solar cooker can be used to prepare any type food recipe that can be made on the oven. These include baking, steaming, deep frying.
  • They do not contribute to increase of unnecessary of heat in your interior since it is situated on the outside of your main house.
  • Solar cookers do not use any fuel or wood to cook. This means that the users do not have to go fetching for firewood, gas or electricity that may be expensive and inconvenient.
  • The process of using the solar panel is safe in that you cannot be burnt in case you touch the panel. The panel is made of plastic or cardboard that does not get hot.
  • The use of solar cooker does not produce smoke that may be a pollutant to the surrounding air.

Smoke is made of carbon monoxide and other noxious fumes that are harmful to human health. Smoke is mainly produced in the home based fire that produces ashes and soot that make your interior décor and home dirty and ugly.

– On the other hand Solar Cookers take long to prepare food and is only usable only when the weather is suitable for high temperature.

How Solar Cookers works.

Basically, this method of cooking uses the sunlight and mainly the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The cooker lets in the UV light rays and converts them to long infrared rays that cannot escape easily. The infrared rays have a property of the strong energy that is capable to make  water, fats and protein molecules vibrate and heat up, hence cooking.

The sun rays are actually converted to heat energy and this energy can be retained in the cooking pot for long until the process of cooking ends.

Final word on Solar Cookers.

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