solar lighting

Have you ever known that there is a cost free source of light known as solar lighting?

With the current global inflation, lighting the whole garden might not be affordable to most of the middle class earners.

Solar power is the perfect type of lighting in this type of situations.

Most people refrain from this type of lighting due to its installation cost but a few years down the line the reality comes to unveil to them.

The long run cost of paying electricity bills is far much costly than paying the cost of installing solar  in your home.

How solar lighting works.

Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting

To start with, solar lights are made of tiny photo voltaic sells [PV].

These are solar powered cells that are used to charge the batteries that are directly connected to the bulbs that light up the whole system.

They operate on simple basics of charging during the day and then the lights are lit when night gets in and they use the charge till the following morning.

This is a cycle that operates automatically non unless there ate some drawbacks like:-

  • There is inadequate sunlight during the day.
  • The bulb brows off.
  • Connectivity problems.
  • The batteries are not given good maintenance to  store enough charge.
  • The solar panel is under a shade hence not getting the desired amount of light.

The solar panels are designed in a special way so adept to the harsh weather conditions outside the homes.

Types of solar lighting.

Solar power are of different types to suit the needs of   different users.

The types include:-

  1. Some are joined to the bulbs; this is effective since no wires are needed.
  2. Some are separate from the bulbs, this are common where the garden is generally under a shade. The solar are placed on top of the house or an open area.
  3. Some are made of die cast metal to increase their durability and for styling up.
  4. Led lights are also commonly used in some lights due to their added advantages. The advantages include:-
  • They are durable
  • They light brighter than other lights
  • They consume less electricity.
  1. More advanced batteries called nickel cadmium batteries are used due to their added advantages that include:-
  • They are durable more than other lead acid batteries.
  • They are lighter hence easy to mount on a post.
  • They store more charge.
  • They require less maintenance.
  • They discharge more energy at a time hence light the bulb brightest.

advantages of solar lighting

  • They are cost effective, since no electricity bills are paid.
  • They are neat for less wiring is done in connecting the system.
  • They are not risky to use for in occurrence of accidents only one light gets destroyed.
  • Are not affected by factors like shortage of electric power from the source.
  • Some designs have an unique make up that is very attractive.

Disadvantages of solar lighting.

  • Their initial installation cost is too high which limits too many people from using them.
  • Don’t serve to the maximum during winter.
  • Are only applicable on the exterior of the house.

Concluding remarks on solar lighting.

Solar  has made it in all the parts of the garden, be it the fences, the decks, gates, path ways or flood lighting.

As it is said ,the greatest losers are those who feared to try, don’t be among those people who will live a doomed life of paying too much bills on electricity that they could have easily avoided.

Make this wise move in your home and go for solar lighting.