Starting a Garden

It is very important to plan before starting a garden. It would be so enjoyable and delicious to eat a meal of fresh vegetables picked from your garden. Beginning a garden has so many benefits, first the green nature of the plant help our environment, it is a way to save on money, helps you learn more about nature, reduces emissions, promotes locally grown food initiative. But beautiful gardens do not appear overnight they need a lot of careful planning and hard work.

A Beginners Guide on Starting a Garden

Starting a Garden

Starting a Garden

Look whether you have the right space to create a garden. Your backyard is the best place to start because this is a private place and you will not feel embarrassed if you make any errors, this is because very few people can get access to your backyard.

Avoid using the soil on your yard because it might not have the right nutrient to grow plants. Use garden soil or black soils which are the best to grow plants and can be purchased at a local garden center or nurseries. You can create your own black soil by burning organic wastes such as dry leaves and tree trunks.

Create a special place for your garden; separate it from the remaining space in your yard and surround it with chicken wire. This is done for it to be easy to maintain and keep rodents out, you can also place a scare crow this is use to chase away birds.

Common Steps to Starting a Garden

  1. Design- Before starting gardening the location should have plenty of sunlight either it’s at your balcony in a few tins or in your several acres. Think about what quantity of fruits or vegetables you want to grow; this will help to dictate the size of your garden.
  2. Planting-once you have your garden designed; purchase the materials and start planting if either on a raised bed or on your land for the garden.
  3. Maintenance-This is the stage where you maintain your plantation throughout until it is fully grown and ready for harvest. Be sure your plant gets enough water and is properly weeded to control pests.

Tips on Starting a Garden

Some plants flourish in sunlight others shade, consider the location of your garden and pick plants that will do well in your garden.

All plants need water to survive. If you are in a rainy are pick plants that will not be spoilt by a lot of water.

Pick the plantation you want perennial which come year after year without being replaced or annual that are replaced every year.

Beginning a garden can be a great adventure for you and your family, because this will teach you about nature and how to take care of the environment because now you understand the importance of nature. From gardens we get healthy fresh food that is very important and nutritious to you and your loved ones .For you to bring  so much enjoy and good health in your home, the best solution is Starting a Garden.