Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction is now a modern and contemporary way of doing many House Plans and designs.

Being in the Swimming pool is the best and perfect way of relaxing, chilling out and exercising. Besides that, constructing a swimming pool adds value to the house in case you want to sell it.

Late last year, a friend of mine bought a house in Karen, Nairobi that was near the Wilson Airport and after two months he started a project on  Constructing  a swimming pool. Believe me that last week a real estate agent and a real estate valuer visited because she want to sell the house and it has doubled in value.

homesbeauty.com today takes you through the Swimming Pool Construction and trust me when concluding you will be planning  to construct one in your home.

Tips on how to do Swimming Pool Construction.

Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction

When planning of  Pool Construction you need to be careful on what you want. Be wise to do a lot if survey on the types of swimming pool, their cost and how to maintain them on both indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

You also require doing a lot of planning especially on the budget and the licensed swimming architect/ professional will guide you on what to do.

Make sure that you have the best floor for your swimming pool; one that matches with the elements of the environment around and in the pool, you can have it painted ocean blue; to reflect the ocean environment. The floor should never be slippery as a way of avoiding any occurrence of accidents.

Allow your creativity to guide you, paint it the way you feel is the best as well you add decorations using the cowries shell and draw arts.

How much does the Swimming Pool Construction cost?

I believe it is the dream of every house owner to be an owner of a Swimming Pool in his backyard. Swimming Pool is good and important and the benefits of having a swimming pool need not be discussed here.

There are many factors that determine the cost of the swimming pool that you want to construct; this includes the maintenance cost, the type of swimming pool you want, the current trends to incorporate in your swimming pool and the finishing touches.

The cost of swimming pool is a bit expensive despite the high cost of Life and the need to minimize cost.

From the recent research it was discovered that the average cost of a normal swimming pool construction is $40 to $54. This is inclusive of all construction without the maintenance fee where the standard size in ground pool with vinyl floor goes for $ 12000 to $ 17000.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Construction

As said earlier the benefits of constructing a Swimming Pool are too many and the owner of the pool will reap from it as long as the pool is there.

Constructing a Swimming Pool  increases the value of the house. In case you think of selling the your property trust me the cost of the house will highly increase.

  1. Having a swimming pool in your home compound is a best way to chill out in the scorching sun  especially during the summer, in the weekend and vacations as well as relaxing with friends and family. Swimming is not only a recreational and sporty activity but a way to cut body weight and calories since it involves all part of your body in the exercise.
  2. When in the process of  Constructing a swimming pool, one is privileged to learn more and be experienced in the field of building. In case you think of constructing another swimming pool you are in a position to exercise your creativity and save huge amount of money as well communicate effectively with the architect.


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