Swimming pool deck

A swimming pool deck is the  constructed area that surrounds  all the sides of your swimming pool it could be made out of various materials for instance timber,wood,concrete, tile bricks and many other types of materials. You can transform your existing swimming pool to a modern paradise by simply remodeling your swimming pool deck design from the variety of materials, colors and textures to your desired taste and needs. Your swimming pool deck is also an important p[art of your swimming pool plan as some people spend much more or even most of their time lounging around your swimming pool thus you need some bit or more of space around your pool for entertaining.

Swimming pool deck ideas

Swimming pool deck

Swimming pool deck









There is a variety of stylish and comfortable swimming pool deck ideas for you to choose from depending on your desired taste and preference here are a few of the most popular swimming pool deck ideas that match your lifestyle:-

  1. Concrete pool deck ideas:-Most people prefer a pool deck made out of concrete construction as they find the look of the deck and swimming pool very symmetrical and remarkably organized. Depending on the total area of the pool the concrete deck may be larger or three foot.The concrete deck idea is very advantageous as it very flexible and allows designs  of various shapes and sizes and creative ideas to be implemented thus giving you the freedom to use numerous innovative ideas around your swimming pool like having an open bar or ,Jacuzzi around your pool. The concrete idea makes the entire deck have a very pretty and elegant look.
  2. Wooden Pool Deck Ideas:-This is the most economical choice in the swimming pool  ideas as it iv very cheap and also has a great look on your swimming pool surroundings. It is mostly used on the above ground pool deck plan. It is easier to build and shape. Another economical factor about the wooden decks is they the wood is polished hence they are easy to maintain.
  3. Stone paver pool deck ideas:-This deck idea is similar to the concrete type which you can design and shape into any shape and size. Amazingly with this deck idea you do not have to color of finish it as the stones and bricks have a very authentic look thus giving your deck a brilliant and attractive look. The stone paver decks protect the side of the deck which is water soaked to disintegrate like the concrete ones as stones do not erode fast.

Reasons for frequent swimming pool deck repair

A pool deck is one of the numerous outdoor constructions that require numerous care and attention. Here are some of the main reasons why the  pool deck requires frequent repair:-

  1. Weathering:-The major reason why most swimming pool quality deteriorate is weathering. Due to the constant contact with many natural agents and elements weathering is most probable to occur.
  2. Constant exposure of water:-results to the growth of moss on the pool surface and numerous micro organisms and dirt particles accumulating on the surface of the deck.
  3. Little black spots:-The accumulation of microorganisms and water result into permanent growth of micro organisms on the pool deck.
  4. Slippery surface:-Constant use of the floor tends to make the floor quite slippery which is very dangerous considering the small amount of water present on the deck.

Common swimming pool deck repairs

There are several types pool deck repairs depending on the fault. Here are some of the most common repair types:-

  1. Polishing and painting:-This is the best way of restoring the pool decks. Polishing keeps the stones and wood healthy, clean and looking attractive.
  2. Pool deck resurfacing:-This is removing the damaged surface and replacing the old one with a new one especially if the deck has been damaged to a certain level. This is quite an expensive procedure but keeps the deck looking attractive and elegant.
  3. Deck cleaning and sealing cracks:-is the easiest way to clean all cracks and black spots from the surface of the pool.

The pool deck is an important outdoor construction and it should be well taken care of and maintained so as to add more value and beauty to your swimming pool. The best solution for this is to constantly and frequently repairing the Swimming pool deck  so as to keep the pools charm