Swimming Pool in Kenya

What swimming pool in kenya is all about.



swimming pool in kenya

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What About a Swimming Pool in Your Home?

Swimming is one of the best type of recreation activities in Kenya. Personally I love swimming but the most disappointing thing is that most of us take kids sport.

Having a private swimming pool is a fantastic landscaping feature that transforms the entire exterior of your garden.

Swimming pool in kenya and designs.

Swimming pools are in wide variety of shapes , sizes and types including free form designs.

The following are different types of swimming pools:-


swimming pool in kenya

.Wading  pools

This are inflatable pools specially meant for kids.[plastic kiddie pools]

They are inflated only when in use hence easy to store.

They are large enough for 4 or 5 children of five years and below.

They are highly portable.

.Splasher pools


swimming pool in kenya

They are specially designed in a wonderful  design that forms a perfect  match to the home garden.The elevation above the ground  is constructed  with timber or aluminum.

In ground pools

swimming pool

in ground pools

Its yet another unique pool that one can dig a free form design and carpet it with tiles to come up with an amazing in ground pool .

High End pools

swimming pool in kenya


This are the pools that siopes gradually from one end to the other.

It’s best for whole family usage due to its unique mode of setup.

Pool Covers.

swimming pool in kenya

pool cover




Tips on how maintain a swimming pool in kenya

Want to make a finish on your pool that makes it a wow part in your garden?

swimming pool in kenya

pool covers

1.Put a cover that not only encloses it but also:


  • Warm the water
  • prevent occurrence of any danger.
  • The cover should be hard enough to withstand heavy weight.
  • Prevent contamination by covering your water.

This is a light cover that prevent  small objects like leaves from contaminating the water.

2.  Clean the pool after use.

3.Use disinfectants to prevent skin diseases and other water related infections.

4. Ensure that the surronding of your swimming pool in kenya is clean all the time.

5. You can fence the swimming pool surronding.

6. Proper circulation of the water should be observed always. The inlet and the outlet should be clear.


Planting Schemes in Relation to Water

The plantation around the pool can be used to create  warm and natural feeling.

This can be achieved by planting the southern plantations like   -palms   -oranges        -olives

swimming pool

pool plantation

Tiles designs

swimming pool in kenya


The carpeting of the pool can make an outstanding difference to the whole setup.discover some of this professionally formatted designs. These designs not only make apool beautiful but also modern looking.

When selecting the tiles or the flooring to be used put into consideration the color that suites you most. I prefer blue that gives a beach feeing to your pool

Concluding remark on swimming pool in kenya

Swimming is not only a recreational activity but also healthy.

Team up with homes beauty to make swimming pool in kenya a must site in your compound.