Swimming pool maintenance in Kenya




Swimming pool maintenance in Kenya




keys to note on Swimming pool maintenance in Kenya

Water has been known to one of the most dangerous disease carrying agent.

Each and every one of us must have been infected or affected by one of this water born diseases thus this is not a new topic to us.

Our swimming pools are filled with water thus they are also prone to these diseases. It’s very necessary to do swimming pool maintenance in Kenya regularly.

It’s wise to act before it’s too late and put some protective measures that will automatically wipe out the unnecessary fears as you go to refresh in your swimming pool.

There are many methods that are used in swimming pool maintenance in Kenya:-

  1. swimming pool  maintenance in Kenya? Cleaning the pool

To majority this is a step that is done but surprisingly enough it’s done once in a while.

The water in the pool is not very clean thus having remained stagnant for some days; it must have some silt settled at the bottom.

Don’t ignore takings some time to clean the whole system up for it will save you from diseases and future break ups of the system.

Check out whether people do this clean ups of swimming pool in Kenya.

  • Deck and furniture cleaning

This is specifically those that are around the swimming pool.

Being exposed to the exterior they are prone to dust and other contaminations that can eventuary land into the swimming pool.

Cleaning them with some water and soap is simply an enough precaution to prevent water contamination.

This should be a frequent activity probably twice or thrice per week.

  • Pool Cover Cleaning

The pool covers are in direct contact with the water thus they should be maintained at very high hygiene levels.

Their installation should be done favouring easy removal to make the process of cleaning easier and safe from contaminating the water in the pool.

Cleaning them is simply done with some soap and water and aired to dry before re installation.

Leaf Lake skimmers are used to remove large partials like leaves that fall into the pool when the cover is removed.

Having a hard cover that will withhold large objects from falling into the pool will also help in swimming pool maintenance in Kenya.

  • Tile cleaning

Cleaning of the tiles might be an activity undertaken frequently for it involves draining the whole contact in the pool.

Frequent empting of the pool can cause quick damage to the pool thus not highly advocated for.

There are specific scrubbing brush and soaps for tiles.

When cleaning the tiles there are some areas to concentrate more on, they include:-

  • Water line.

This is the point on the walls of the pool where the level of the water reaches.

Due to the dirt that floats on the surface of the water, a lining of dirt forms on the tiles that accumulates as time goes by

Taking time to scrub the dirt line is enough precaution to remove the lining.

  • Corners and floors.

This is also some parts of the swimming pool that are also known to accumulate dirt and yet easily go unnoticed.

They should be cleaned as often as other parts are cleaned to prevent accumulation that may cause permanent stains.

The stains that are not easily removed by scrubbing with soap, some specific acids can be used.

2. Equipment checks up in swimming pool maintenance in Kenya

The system should be checked frequently to ensure free flow and long life of the equipments.

  • Circulatory system.

The flow of water can be blocked by the dirt particles in the intake filters or the out let conduit pipes.

They should be checked frequently and cleaned to remove any trapped dirt.

Incase of any leakeges , quike repairs can save you from future repares that will be more sivere.

  • Pump strainer backets.

The pumps have a sieve that collects large particals of dirt that cant pass through the sieve.

They should be checked frequently as far as the pump is in use to prevent excessive accumulation of the dirt.

  • Filter pressure.

This is another sieve that traps even more fine particals.

The more the dirt accumulates the  more the pressure im the chamber builds up. Therefore when the pressure is high the filter pressure needs cleaning.

  • Water heater.

They need regular checkups on mechanical problems .

To ease the work of checking its efficiency, in si interconnected with the pump.

To check its efficiency, put off the pump when the heater is on and check its reaction.

It should automatically go off is the whole system is okay.

Parting Short on Swimming Pool Maintenance in Kenya.

As much as swimming is one of the finest and most recreating activities in Kenya, without proper maintenance and cleaning it can result to a disastrous activity.

For our own health and our families sake let’s put into deep consideration the issue of swimming pool maintenance in Kenya.