The Swimming Pool

Swimming is an exercise that is very efficient, most people prefer doing it in The Swimming Pool.This is an artificial enclosed water body which offer an opportunity for swimming .Every person young or old can enjoy this recreational activity provided you have the passion .There are two types of swimming pools which home owners can use, one being: above ground and the other is in ground pool.

The temperature of a pool varies from one geographical area to another and it is upon ones preference to check the temperature using an atmospheric temperature.

Safety precautions in the swimming pool

The Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool

Before you decide to swim in the swimming pool you have to observe these rules in order to stop accidents caused by drowning .Most   children have drowned or have escaped it simply because we either failed to observe these rules while choosing or constructing a pool .These precautions are:

  • Fencing:-this should be constructed to stop children from going to the pool without anybody’s authority it will help in avoiding death caused by drowning.
  • Hygiene:-the pool should be ever clean so that the user will not have health problems like spread of bacterial skin diseases.
  • Toys:-these objects that help young children to float they should never be left lying near the pool as this may expose children to risk of drowning.
  • Accidents:-one should have some training concerning some first aid tips as accidents will always occur, this will stop deaths caused by breathing problems.


What are the swimming pool problems?

Like any other water body a swimming pool has some obstacles, here are some:

  • Cloudy water   :-this may be caused by accumulation of algae in the waters this may be caused by improper maintenance of the pool.
  • Chlorine smell: – this can be caused by high amount of chlorine in the pool it may make swimming difficult.
  • Algae problem: an algae is a fungi that grows along the pond or pools It may be caused lack of chlorine in the water.
  • Health complains:-some people may complain of burning eyes or irritating skin ,this can be cause by improper balance of components in the water
  • Stains:-they are present in on the sides of the pool this is caused by poor maintenance of the pool.


Solutions to the swimming pool problems

Having identified the problems found in a swimming pool it is now easy to find the solution.

  • Regular cleaning of the pool will stop the water from becoming cloudy because algae will be curbed.
  • Maintaining the proper chlorine level will stop algae from growing hence the pond will be good
  • Health problems can be controlled by mixing the appropriate compounds in the required proportions.
  • Stains along the sides of the pool can be avoided by regular cleaning of the pool and removing any growing weed.

As we think of swimming, let’s choose a good swimming pool and if planning to construct one, know how to maintain it. Have a memorable experience in The Swimming Pool.