How to choose different Types of curtains in kenya

Traditionally windows had three Types of curtains; the sash curtain (to sift light), a draw curtain (to obstruct light), and there was the over-drapery (just for decoration). A curtain is a piece of fabric used to block light into or out of a room and bring a great individuality in a home. They usually come in different sizes, shapes, fabrics, color and patterns.

How to choose different Types of curtains

Types of curtains

Types of curtains


Discovering the right curtain for your room can bring style and comfort. If you are trying to choose window curtains for your home, there are few tips that will help you choose the right curtains.

  • Value your privacy: – One of the trendy window curtains that you can find is the sheer drapes. They are not the best since one can see through the window.  In bedrooms and bathrooms they shouldn’t be used, so one ought to couple them with darker drapes.
  • Be aware of the lighting: – Not all windows produce the same amount of lighting, and this affects the curtains that you use. Curtains that are heavy can obstruct light into the room, these are good in bedrooms. Sheer drapes are brilliant in rooms that don’t need a lot of privacy. Sheers provide a glowing spacious feel that works well in many spaces.
  • Materials to use: –There are different types of fabrics to use in order to create diverse types of curtains, but one should use a cloth that doesn’t fade easily, particularly if a room is getting a lot of light. Silks look very lavish but they tend to fade very quickly.

Types Of Curtain Hardware
• Curtain rods are a very old curtain-hanging tradition. They come in many beautiful and durable designs, with a wide range of length options. Spacers in curtain rods extend outward from the wall for depth or to accommodate multiple rods. Both rod-pocket and tab-top curtains can be difficult to open or close on telescoping curtain rods. While hidden by many medium-weight and heavyweight materials, rods are visible through sheer curtains, and ring-top curtains often allow the rod to remain visible. Decorative rods may be best in these instances.
• Finials are decorative ends of curtain rods. They come in many styles and finishes, with different shapes, such as scrolls, leaves, fleur-de-lis and decorated oval or balls. They are available in brushed silver, copper and poly-resin finish. Because they are often the part of your window treatment that are most seen beyond the curtain, it is good to have them stand out but also to have them complement or match your other room décor.
• Curtain rings are attractive and easily attached to your curtains or drapes. They slide easily along a curtain rod without having to pull open a telescope rod, making it easier to open and close your drapes. Curtain rings are available in many sizes, shapes and qualities, so shop around for the style that best meets your design needs.
• Tiebacks are soft loops of fabric, cord, chain or other material that holds back drapes. They tie around the drape itself, either centering it or pulling it off to the side and tying it to a vertical rod. This allows a bigger view outside and more natural light to enter the room. Tiebacks are extremely common in curtains and drapes that do not use rings, since those are hard to open.

The best Types of curtains

One may be fascinated to unique designs of curtains by sewing which will also save money. You can create curtains using different patterns and fabrics. Here are a few pointers of the best curtain fabrics to use.

  • Lightweight fabric

These include lace, linen and sheer cotton. They are good because they bring in light, they can be used in sitting rooms and kitchens. The fabric can be covered over with a heavier drape if you are fond of the method but need more light shield.

  • Patterned fabric

These fabrics are good to use in curtains. Diverse styles can add a lot to different rooms. The fabrics come in different styles, floral, pleated and animal prints. They are available to suit your needs in every room.

  • Medium weight and heavy weight fabrics

To protect yourself from cold or light you can use these fabrics. For use in hotels one can use heavy fabrics like suede, denim, tapestry, tweed, and velvet. The fabrics also add texture into a room.

How to maintain Types of curtains

Curtains need to be maintained well in order to keep their decorative color

  • Curtains should be vacuumed or brushed annually to minimize the buildup of dust.
    • If any tear they should be repaired to shun more damage.
    • Do not pin anything on to the curtains since the pins may damage the fabric.

It is important to measure your window in order to know the length of fabric to use. You can use more than the length of your window  to go well with your taste with different Types of curtains.