Types of tiles

Want to know various Types of tiles? We are living in a world where all things come in variety of choice, currently in the market you will get diverse types of tiles that are designed for different purposes.

You have to know that all tiles are not designed in same model and different rooms will require different tiles. The material used to make the tiles is the key aspect to consider in choosing the types of tiles.

Different Types of Tiles.

Types of tiles

Types of tiles

There are many types of tiles in the market which are categorized basing on their color, use and designs.

They include:-

  • Quarry tiles.

This is a type that is simply made from clay. The tiles are very durable and cheap to buy, install and maintain thus very popular.

They can also be designed to any shape to owners wish but have one advantage that they are not resistant to water, moisture and scratches like other tiles.

  • Porcelain tiles.

This is that type of ceramic tiles that is made by compressing bust together making a very strong type of tile. They are given a finishing of glazed, un-grazed or mat touch.

  • Mosaic tiles.

These are tiles that are designed in different shapes or even have depression in then that when joint form a creative pattern. They are mostly used for outdoor purposes where there is required drainage of rain water.

  • Agglomerate tiles.

These are the tiles with the thickest dimension of about 6mm to 20mm to owners wish.

They are made from a mixture of granite chips, polyester resin and Portland cement thus very strong and durable. They are used for the commonly used parts like patio and pavements.

  •  Recycled glass tiles.

This is the best method of making tiles that serves two purposes at a go. It is very environmental friendly and the final products are just wonderful.

This types of tiles are resistant to water, scratch, stains and moisture. Similarly, they are very easy to clean thus economical to maintain for long.

  • Vinyl tiles.

They have a unique make up that is in such a way that it can easily resemble anything that one would want, it resembles things like wood or porcelain thus very compatible to any other type of tiles.

They are also very easy to install and repair and their buy cost is relatively low compared to others.

  • Granite tiles.

These tiles are resistant to stains , water and heat thus very popular in kitchens.

They are also used to make counter tops like those in home bars and kitchen due to their resistance to stains caused by wines, coffee of foods.

  • Terracotta tiles.

These tiles are made from baked clay that creates a very hard product suitable for kitchen use.

Their color varies depending on its constituting chemicals but most commonly are brown or orange.

 Materials Used to Make Different Types of Tiles.

Tiles can be made from various materials depending on the impression being made.

  • Glass.

This is the best method since it helps to recycle the waste glasses in the society. In addition it has very fine products.

  • Wood.

Wood makes tiles that are commonly used for prestige. These tiles are fixed on places that they will be easily noticed. The tiles are well polished thus very outstanding

  • Clay.

This is the material that makes the best type of clay with the maximum advantages, thus they are highly preferred for kitchen purposes.

  • Porcelain.

This tiles are easily made in any shape and design mostly used in girl and children’s bedrooms.

Types of tiles to use in Your House.

  1. Know the place you want to fix them and the characteristics of the place i.e. their adaptability.
  2. Check on the material making them and their durability. The material should be hard enough.
  3. Check the finishing done on the tiles, the smoothness or roughness, the beauty and the colors. This will guide you to know which is best for where.
  4. Most important, check at the cost, don’t overspend in the expensive varieties.

With this well considered and followed, you will end up a happy person having chosen the most appropriate Types of tiles.