Types of Water dispensers

Considering the various types of water dispensers you will realize that they have undergone a great revolution over time.

One can now access hot or very cold water instantly from water dispensers.

This is truly a cheap luxury commodity that is very essential in our homes.

There are diverse types of water dispensers based on size shape and feature to suit different buyer’s needs and ability.

Types of water dispensers

types of water dispensers

types of water dispensers

.Water Heating

These are water dispensers that emit hot water when opened.

They are connected to an electric power source that it connected to the thermally insulated water bottle that has a water heater in it

There are three types of water heaters:-

· Boil on demand.

These are dispensers that boil water instantly just when needed.

There is no wastage of water in boiling too much water and leaving it unused in the tank.

They have a remedy in the fact that they cannot boil more than two caps at tome they need to be refilled.

· Hot water tank dispensers.

This are tanks that are placed at some point probably in the ceiling or at a corner on the ground and piped to a tap at a strategic position for usage.

They are large enough to boil large amount of water without refilling.

Due to their bulkiness they are not portable and have an expensive initial cost of installation.

· Thermo pot electric water dispensers.

This is a combination of an electric water kennel and an hot water flask that work together in the system.

The electric water heater boils the water and the hot water flask stores the water worm for a longer duration.

This system can be controlled on the amount of water to heat by putting just that amount and has an adjusting knob that regulates temperature.

They waste some bit of electricity in retaining the water warm till usage.

Water cooling Types of water dispensers.

This is another unique type of water dispenser that is used for cooling water.

They are installed with a refrigerator unit that is used to cool the water.

They are basically of two types:-

· Bottle less water coolers.

These are dispensers that are connected directly to the water supply.

They are left to run constantly with the refrigerator cooling the water and its stored for some time for usage.

The waste i.e. the water that is not consumed can be recycled or discarded depending on the type of dispenser.

They are ideal for firms with many people.

· Bottled water coolers.

These types of water dispensers are uses for cooling little amounts of water, 2 to 5 liters.

They are more electricity conservative since they only cool water when in need.

They are ideal for home use.

Portable types of water dispensers.

These are small water dispensers that are convenient enough to carry along with you.

In most occasions they have no special features like heaters or cooler that may make them become bigger. A perfect example of this is a water bottle.

There are also some other portable types of water dispensers in the sense that they are not connected to any exterior water and electricity source thus easy to move them.

They are the most common in our homes.

To my own opinion this water dispensers should be a must have accessory in or homes since they have great advantages to us.

In fact considering the cost of electricity used by fridges to cool water and water heaters to warn water you will realize how economical water heaters are.

Don’t waste more money on electricity that you can easily evade, go for one of these Types of Water dispensers.