Uhuru Park

Who can tell the secret in Uhuru Park? It’s funny to see the power of this Uhuru Park in the city of Nairobi, it has been marked the focal point of the whole city.

Political, religious, business and personal retreats have been held at that garden for long, with the turn up amazingly high.

Personally I make frequent visits to the garden with my family, not that there is no garden in my home but for a unique reason, a reason which I can’t tell and possibly nobody can.

Is it the simplicity of the garden that works out the magic? Is it the openness? Is it the relaxed atmosphere in the middle of such a busy city? I don’t know, but I enjoy it all. Probably its name ‘Uhuru’ which means freedom can tell it all.

Due to my curiosity, I have been trying to unleash the secret and apply it in my home, I have done some changes in the garden which I have had some positive complements from my visitors.

How to Bring Uhuru Park in Your Home Garden.

Uhuru Park

Uhuru Park

Great inventions have been made through curiosity which compels someone to being aggressive and creative.

Am not saying this to praise myself but I think my curiosity have summed up to a crazy invention, how to have a simple Park in your home garden. Not a Zen garden, just a makeup that is even more simple and straight forward.

This is what I did to my garden, which I know can equally work in yours:-

  • Plant some tall growing trees.

These trees should be spaced with some reasonable enough gaping for their maximum width when mature; you can easily tell the measurements by visiting the Park itself.

The trees should have characteristics like; form a canopy shape, are fast growing, don’t shed leaves during dry spell and produce no smell.

  • Plant grass as the carpeting of the land.

Just use the natural grass which grows in other fields or in the Park, the artificial grass like nud will not bring the desired effect.

Kikuyu grass is the most recommended for its ability to grow fast, withstand harsh weather conditions and recover quickly once it gets worn out.

  • Create a small artificial lake.

In case your garden is large enough to give provision for a water body, create an artificial lake at one point of the garden.

You can add some simple recreational facilities for the children where they will be spending time playing and having fun.

  • Put some seats around the garden.

You don’t have to purchase the expensive teak furniture, some simple forms that are resistant to the

How to Maintain The Uhuru Park in Your Garden.

The atmosphere around the garden should portray total freedom of the mind, soul and body. Some unnecessary stuff in the garden should be avoided. Such kind of things includes; domestic animals, noisy gadgets like generators and cars.

Litter around that place should be collected often to maintain it clean, to make it easier you can have a litter bin around the garden.

Advantages of Having a Uhuru Park in Your Garden.

Just like the name suggests, having uhuru gardens in our homes will help us so much in relaxing and doing some involving activities.

The Park has advantages like:-

  1. A free flowing cool breeze.
  2. A place with no hard sun or too much warmth like in houses and fields.
  3. Place with little movements of people cars and animals.
  4. A noise free zone.

As one of the famous quotes by Stephen Paul says, “Everything you do can be done better from a place of relaxation”, I strongly believe that we can perform better if we have some part of our gardens as an imitation of Uhuru Park.