Zen Garden

A Zen garden is a word that is used to describe a unique type of Japanese garden that is mainly made of sand and rocks; it focuses on the simplicity of the design. As we all resolve to modifying the gardens in our homes there is one ultimate goal that we look into, having a relaxing atmosphere like that of   a Japanese gardens.

They are made in any design and size of the owners wish, you only have to put the sand or gravel as the base like that of a water body or ocean.Precisely, Japanese gardens are enclosed gardens for they are commonly used for relaxation, contemplation and peaceful, quiet rest.

Creating a Zen Garden.

zen garden

zen garden

Initially they were used in the Zen temples of the Japanese for spiritual purposes due to their relaxed atmosphere. They bring spiritual thoughts and feelings.

They were referred to as ‘Karesansui’ which is a Japanese word meaning dry land, and that’s why they were basically made of sand and gravel.

Currently, the whole concept have undergone a complete revolution, people have made them for decorating their homes and offices where they spend time doing some assignment or just resting.

In addition to using sand and gravel in their makeup, they have added the effect of green plants which equally forms a perfect combination. They have brought the whole feeling outside our homes.

The trees that are commonly used are the bamboo trees and the coastal coconut trees that will add to the resting atmosphere in the garden.

They are fitted with exotic massive gates that are made with a heavy metal for maximum security and privacy in the garden.

The surrounding walls are equally preservative; they are commonly fences with bamboo sticks for simplicity that is prime factor to consider around the garden.

In the garden you can comfortably do some yoga exercises that have also gained popularity in today’s society.

The entrance into the garden can be a small bridge that flies over a dry stream to initiate that atmosphere from the beginning.

The simplicity in its makeup is the entire secret in Japanese gardens; it eliminates the complexity that we encounter in the day to day experiences that are not appealing to the eyes.

Creating a Mini Zen Garden.

You might have already designed your home garden but still feel you need a Japanese garden around your house, this is simpler than you thought, you just need a mini Japanese garden at one corner of the garden.

The most ideal location of a mini  garden is on the back yard of your garden where privacy is prime, you can add some few accessories like the yoga seat that will help you in your exercises, remember to maintain simplicity all through.

You just need to use sand and fine gravels to be the metaphors of the presence of water in the garden; you just need to have a pattern that is rhythmical to create a more hospitable surrounding for a tired mind.

In this garden you can do some of the famous yoga exercises or any other exercise that is geared towards relaxing your mind and body.

Advantages of a Zen Garden.

Zen gardens have been used by the Japanese for years in their ninja exercises and as we all know this exercises require maximum concentration when performing.

  • They are designed in simplicity that brings a relaxing effect to the entire body.
  • The privacy that one cannot get in the office or the house can easily be achieved in this small portion of your land.
  • Due to their simplicity, their makeup becomes very cheap and affordable to many.
  • Finally, what many people have tried in vain is to maintain good gardens, Zen gardens are very cheap to maintain thus perfect.

You might have been spending money and time to visit the exotic hotels and resultants for this, but today you can experience it from home or office by having Zen Garden.